ICC Not Appeal the Decision on James Anderson and Ravindra Jadeja

The ICC has said it will not appeal the decision by His Honour, Gordon Lewis AM, to exonerate both England’s James Anderson and India’s Ravindra Jadeja on charges of violating the ICC’s Code of Conduct.

James Anderson and Ravindra Jadeja

James Anderson and Ravindra Jadeja


“Disciplinary proceedings are strong, transparent; all parties had ample opportunity to ask questions, test the evidence and make a statement,” chief executive David Richardson said in a statement.

“We have determined that there is an appeal and that it will not take in the sport in the best interests of this action without any benefit.”

Thankfully, in yesterday’s press conference, Indian captain MS Dhoni also drew a line under the circumstances, although reluctantly.

“There is a lack of evidence, and some of the so-called evidence are called in our society,” he said. “Time to move forward.”

Although there is enough space to question Richardson’s argument that the program is a powerful – even Lewis criticized the rules of the International Criminal Court in his judgment – Richardson is its legendary cricket, and most are not interested in continuing correct.

No one has appeared in this story have any credit. Not the International Criminal Court. Not England. Rather than India.
File photo Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s. ReutersFile photo Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s. Reuters

The International Criminal Court has rarely handled from the beginning of the cost. This abuse on the pitch is clear. Referee Bruce Oxenford in his statement declared: “I heard Anderson use foul and abusive language schooner especially when I heard · Anderson said:” Your hair AF ****** c *** “for the schooner.” However, Oxenford did not see the game for reporting this event referee, even though it appears to violate the code of the International Criminal Court 2.1.4 clause, nor the International Criminal Court seems interested in doing anything, once reportedly in the process of hearing.


David Hopps broke it down completely in ESPNcricinfo: Most of us – at any level; we play the game – a smart sled talked about, most of us allow a physical hard fast-bowler helpless display, most of us do not mind a little talk back, but the referee has completely failed their duty to check, has now become regarded as just an everyday reality constantly boorish behavior.
When they where, Anderson indulging in his 30 meters long rant in Jadeja for the players have gone through the tea? Where is the dividing line? Everything is acceptable, unless you push people? Now tell us honest.

ECB’s botched attempt at diplomacy, trying to escape from a potential ban a mockery of their situation best bowler made​​. Anderson’s reputation as a bounder of the field spread throughout the cricket world.
Martin Crowe, also ESPNcricinfo, wrote: Anderson has been guilty of any sled before this rude behavior, you need to pull his head quickly. If [Alastair Cook] and [Peter] Moores see then they will lose his long; certainly more events will lead to a way to delete or the other. In this regard apparently Anderson needs help. ”

BCCI and Indian captain MS Dhoni not cover themselves in glory is not. David Wen conclusion referee the match Dhoni Jadeja committed public criticism undermines the authority of the match referee and setup a Dhoni as the arbiter of right and wrong.

BCCI just big business, trying to use their muscle to get the decision it wants. “Monday night, I wrote a letter to Chief Executive Officer David Richardson, the International Chamber of Commerce, he said, we are not happy in the order,” BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel told PTI. “Code is not executed correctly.
“There are too many points under the order, you can appeal all of these points are explained in detail in a letter, and I asked him, he should call for the order, let us wait and see what they do now.”

India, although there is still a potential glimmer of hope. Despite the failure to obtain a guilty verdict, they desperately want, by supporting Jadeja, Dhoni camp, he will not let anyone push his team a message.

If someone with Indian players is a problem, they will also be a problem with the schooner. This is a powerful message; one can help produce a strong bond, especially for one have not played much cricket together young team.

Comprehensive 266 run victories in Southampton, England to prevail after. An American opposition, in the mentality of the world can help India bounce at Old Trafford.

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