The Great Khali to Take Revenge

New Delhi: The former star of WWE Dalip Singh Rana, known aka “The Great Khali” was on Friday discharged from the hospital and vowed to avenge the humiliation he had to go through after getting severely wounded in combat activities opening, which is named after as a great fighter.

Although injured, Khali promised to return in the second show, “The Great Khali came back Series” to be held in Dehradun on Sunday.

“It will be blood for blood and stool on the chair,” said Khali after discharge from the hospital.

The Great Khali

Khali, on Wednesday evening, head and chest injuries in the Continental Wrestling show in Haldwani, and was then airlifted the next morning to a specialized hospital in Dehradun.


The fight had to be stopped midway after his opponents, Mike Knox and Brody Steel, beat Khali with chairs.

Khali, 43, on Friday said he will fight the battle in Dehradun at his own risk only for lovers.

“There is a fire burning inside me, and I’m afraid that I let my fans down in Haldwani,” Khali said in a statement.

“But I ask everyone to come 28 in Dehradun and see how I get it back to them. I will fight, in spite of what the doctors say and promise to take revenge,” he added.

Hali received seven stitches in his head before being transported to the capital of Uttarakhand, where he remained under observation in the intensive care unit and underwent many tests to know the exact nature and severity of his injury.

After the test, he was discharged from hospital on Friday, but doctors advised him against fighting on Sunday.

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