Google Settles lawsuit filed by Shareholders USA Online Drug Ads

Google will create a $250 million internal program to prevent rogue online pharmacies as of the end of the transaction the shareholders of the company due to litigation over allegations search ads from non-US drug sellers.



Google said that about prescription drugs is pleased to work more visible and legitimate pharmacies to counter rogue traders marketing documents filed in Oakland, California federal court Thursday showed.


Google – allocate and spend at least $50 million a year for at least five years under the regulation of the internal efforts. The company also agreed to pay $9.9 million in fees and costs to plaintiffs’ attorneys.

“We’re investing significantly to fight rogue online pharmacies, and stopped millions of ads have appeared,” a Google spokesman said in the email. “The conflict will continue and expand ongoing efforts to keep users safe online.”

Shareholders sued Google and its board in 2011, after the company reached a settlement with the government on this issue.

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