Why Gold is Very Soft Delicate Metal

Gold, of course, is a soft, ductile metal with intense yellow color. Pure gold is often seen as “too” yellow for tastes of most people, and it makes for a very soft delicate jewellery in its pure form. Pure (24k) gold jewellery is too soft to protect solitaire diamond or any jewellery that will be worn often.

Thus, for these reasons very good jewellers will mix other metals into gold, creating alloys. Metals, which are selected for mixing with gold create different colours – allowing some crazy combinations like green, red, gold and purple. Popular color pink gold, yellow gold and white gold.

White gold is yellow. It is not yellow like an omelette but yellow. It appeared in a white jewellery store, and costs less than platinum, but with time the white gold may return to its original color.

Gold images gallery

Gold 2

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Gold 5


Gold bar isolated with clipping path

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Gold bars

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3d gold bars and coins


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