Are Ghost Really Exist in This World

There is a huge surge of interest in the minds of the American people, into the subject of ghosts and paranormal activities. Ghost Hunters, Ghost Whisperer and Medium etc are highly recommended tv shows which are seen by millions of viewers every week. At the same time, the network channels, including Sci-Fi, Discovery Travel have presented numerous documentaries about ghosts and other places of ghostly phenomena.


Ghosts, angels, spiritual guides and entities are around all of us all the time. As human beings we have learned to filter their existence from our normal waking consciousness. We are told, as children, they do not exist.

If we find one, and share our story with others, we are often told that it is our imagination at work or we are given faces like we are crazy. The truth is that; ghosts, spirits and entities are real. Their influence on us and our life is unmistakable.

Ghost images gallery

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