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Gene Goodenough is an American man with whom Bollywood actress Preity Zinta getting married next year in February 2016, according to the news, but it’s true, or not, is not confirmed. It was a long time relationship with businessman Ness Wadia but due to some problems they have been separated.

Gene Goodenough


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He is a financial analyst in Los Angeles, who met Preity one of his trips to the United States several years ago.

According to a source, “it supports, encourages and understands it. Gene gave her company during this year’s IPL and she returned with him to the United States after the final, then he had to go back to work”

Another source said, “Gene is NOT Preity’s boyfriend. He’s a very good friend. Preity brother and little niece lives in the USA, and she regularly visits them. Thus, it has a lot of very good friends in America.”

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