Gal Sun Ja Punjabi Song by Kanwar Chahal Weird Ending But Still Romantic

Gal Sun Ja a new Punjabi romantic song sung by Kanwar Chahal looks a little bit weird but still the song end in a romantic feeling.

Gal Sun Ja Punjabi Song Model

The girl and Kanwar Chahal starting chatting in phone and they planning to meet. In this song the song model girl is waiting with her female friends and 1 male friend to meet Kanwar Chahal. But after Chahal visit with his cool red shining car and start finding the girl, but what he see is Girl is holding a hand of another of her male friend. So after seeing this Chahal get back to his car and throw the flower bouquet which he holds in his hand to give her to that girl while proposing. But the story is not yet end.

Kanwar Chahal red Convertible car


The song girl running from the stairs to apologies to Chahal, but what she is an amazing red shining convertible car. So after that the boy see her and the girl see him but we really don’t know what comes in both of their mind they start running and hold hands. Isn’t a weird ending. 😛

Gal Sun Ja Lyrics

Kanwar Chahal

Pehla sangdi sang aundi langh jayi
Pher jhoota mootha kolo khang jayi (x2)

Bas mann je gal pyar di
Jadon pehli mulaqat honiye

Dil jayaz je tareeke nal dayi
Gal sun ja najayaz soniye (x2)

Heer sohni sassi waangu dhokha na kamayi
Je sade naal layi yaari todh vi chadaayi

Iko wada kari sache pyar wala tu
Soniye ni aiven jhoothe laare je na lai

Mere haq vich aake khad jayi
Jadon waddi galbaat honiye

Dil jayaz je tareeke nal dayi
Gal sun ja najayaz soniye (x3)

Raah vich khad tainu rokna ni main
Hor nu bulawe tainu tokna ni main
Marzi je hovein tan kabool kar lai
Dhakke nal pyar tainu thopna ni main

Aiven tarle main nahio warne
Poori taur naal yaari launi ae

Dil jayaz je tareeke nal dayi
Gal sun ja najayaz soniye (x3)

Watch the full song below:

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