Diet of Fox and Facts

Most of North America has at least one species of fox, with their intelligence and adaptability they live on the frozen tundra, forests and meadows in the deserts. This is part of why, although the fox are in the dog family and which makes them carnivores they still are opportunistic eaters.

There are things on the typical fox diet such as rabbits, snakes, mice, rats, birds, road kill for instance, but all types of extra foods will be added depending on the region. They may include fruits, vegetables, berries, insects, fish, eggs or anything else which helps to fill up the stomach.


After a gestation period of 50-53 days, kits are born with their eyes closed. Usually 2-4 pups in a litter. There eyes will open after two weeks approx., and after five weeks, they will begin to go out of the den.

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