Flipkart to Offer 24-week Maternity Leave to its Employees

An extended maternity leave 24 weeks and four months of flexi-working hours with full pay and, if necessary, a year without career interruption without pay: Flipkart has launched these and several other incentives to attract and retain employed women. Perhaps the e-commerce site to launch such incentives that go beyond legal obligation, Flipkart has joined a growing list of brick-and-mortar progressives trying to make work more attractive for women.



The current legal requirement of maternity leave is 12 weeks. A number of traditional brick and mortar companies such as Vodafone and Accenture recently announced improved maternity benefits, taking the quantum of leave of the license beyond the legal requirement. However, only some companies like HCL Technologies, Godrej and Hindustan Unilever (HUL) offer 180 days (over 24 weeks) maternity leave benefits to all employees. PUH recently extended the policy to new recruits as well.

With a growing customer base of women who shop online, Flipkart looking bolster its gender diversity. And it has introduced policies centered women with the hope that it will benefit young mothers and hopes that it can continue the same job after a maternity leave or career break after childbearing. Research shows that most women to leave their jobs after childbirth. The company also offers reimbursement benefits transport, advice for parents, moorings maternity hospitals, child care assistance for all employees and insurance benefits.

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