Fire in Mumbai High-Rise

Mumbai: A major fire occurred today, 22-storey commercial building in the western suburbs of Mumbai, officials said.

Fire in mumbai

Fire in mumbai

No injuries or casualties were reported so far, they said.

The fire began in the Lotus Business Park 21 Building on Aetna connecting roads and later spread to the 20th floor, according to fire brigade officials.

“We received a call at about 11:00, a fire in a commercial building has been broken, and we initially thought it was a grade, fire, sent four-fire tankers to the scene, the fire and then upgrade to 2, we have now deployed 12-fire engines and nine-water tankers at the scene, “fire brigade official told PTI.

“There is a lot of smoke emanating from the attic where the fire, which led to people who work there, which makes the evacuation process panic a little difficult, but according to initial reports, the fire brigade has been successfully evacuated everyone,” city officials said.

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