Facebook Can Now Reveal People’s Sleeping Habits Soon

London: Facebook social network site can be used to track the sleep habits of people by creating a database when your friends are observed last line is busy or chatter “like” posts on Facebook, according to a media report.

“A lot of people visit Facebook, as the first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. Thus, it is possible to get a good impression of their sleep habits,” said San Francisco software engineer Soren Louv-Jansen reported in the Online-mail.

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To investigate Louv-Jansen uses so-called “timestamps” in Facebook messenger service, to see if friends were asleep.

He was interested to see where the last time you saw ” The data is taken and after doing some research, he found a list of user IDs your Facebook friends and last activity “time stamp.”

This, he added, is built into the initial overcharge of Messenger.com and can be seen as simply visit the site and click on the “View Source”, to see for yourself.

“Creating a simple service that checks Facebook every 10 minutes, I can get an accurate picture on Facebook with the help of his friends,” said Louv-Jansen, who has published the source code on GitHub.

GitHub is used by many developers and hackers to place a large amount of information for the community of developers to see and use, the report said.

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