Don’t Change the Color of your Facebook Profile, it’s Just a Scam

One of the oldest scam on Facebook is back and form a plan that promises to allow users to change the color scheme of their personal page. It’s actually just a scam, it’s finally installed malware on your computer, and then extend it to other PCs in the network.

Facebook Scam

Facebook- has always been blue, so that we can understand that people want to change the color scheme of the UI, just as Twitter to automatically change the user profile. It supposedly allows you to choose from nine different colors. However, the Chinese company Internet Security Cheeta Cell found that it actually just downloads malicious software, compromising the account and computer.


Viruses and malware can easily be set in the form of applications for Facebook, which users can click very quickly. According to the company, the vulnerability exploitation is seen on the Facebook app, which allows the plant to break the code into Facebook–based applications directing users to phishing sites.

Color Changer program lures users to tutorial video, which allows attackers to access all data, including photos, friend lists and personal messages. Message also appears more users that they have a virus and offers a free anti-virus software, which is actually just a malicious software.

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