Emma Watson to Focus only on Feminism

Emma Watson officially said that she is not particularly happy about her character Hermione in the cult series “Harry Potter”. As hard as it is to the young lady, her passions to the sorceress were fanned early as 8 years old – then also jumping from desk to answer questions. In the filming of the first movie, Emma had problems to find their identity and play a role in who really have little close.

Emma Watson


Today, the young Hollywood star admits that it is much better and more varied than the heroine in her first major role. That’s why, the lady decided to come on holiday to be able to focus on their personal development. Its main activities during the holiday will be bound by reading books and personal self-improvement.

25-year-old plans to focus on feminism, missing activities like Hollywood. It continues to be a goodwill ambassador in the “United Nations” and continues to believe that women should have equal rights with men.

Madame Watson might deny its rising star in the series about wizards, but we must admit that no other movie does not strive as much as we want. Film career and definitely fly headlong down after it turned out that in the film “Regression” tries even seem credible, while shedding a tear. Personally, we were enchanted and hope that her career will develop into a better direction after obtaining the desired holiday.

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