Emirates Airlines Introduced New Boeing 777 Business Seat

Emirates has introduced new business class seats on its Boeing 777 at ITB Berlin travel show of international trade.

The new location will make its commercial debut of the 170th Boeing 777 aircraft, Emirates’ and -300ER version airline expects to receive in November 2016.

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“Our current location of the Boeing 777 business-class in the industry’s premium product as well as the fact that it is a new place does it accept that the design and comfort to a new level.

“We gave the seat a fresh and modern look, preserves all existing functionality that our customers love and add a few more, while improving the seating and sleeping comfort,” said Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline.

“Providing our customers with the best possible experience has always been at the centre of any development of a new product in the Emirates. It is evolution and revolution. We are always working on the next great leap forward, but at the same time, we constantly strive to at least ways to improve what we already offer.


“We believe that this is a new business class seat further enhances the experience and value proposition for our premium customers.”

“We are very excited about the arrival of our first Boeing 777 at the end of this year, with new seats and to see how our customers would react to what I was optimistic he will be positive,” he added.

The design and shape of the new seat of the Emirates Business Class “is inspired by the interior of a modern sports car captured in diamond stitch light gray full leather cover, an ergonomic headrest and its overall sleek look and feel.

Designed with enhanced customer comfort in mind, the new seat has a height of 72 inches and can be electrically moved in a fully flat sleeping position at 180 degrees.

Retaining many of the most popular features of the current business-class seat Boeing 777. Emirates “, an updated layout space and extras are a convenient mini-bar, one of the largest personal TV screens in the industry by 23 inches, and most of the new controller with touchscreen ice-winning in-flight entertainment system of the seat.

Customers will have a USB-port for charging their devices, while an HDMI port to stream content from their devices directly on the IFE screen, and improved opportunities for lighting for reading and relaxing in his chair.

Emirates also renewed confidence in the panel between the seats, leg pocket literature storage area shoe and expanded table for private dining.

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