Elephant Fun Facts

Elephants are the largest land mammal and can be found in Asia and Africa. African elephants live in areas which are in south of the Sahara Desert, while the Asian elephants are found in India and other countries in Southeast Asia. Elephants are interesting animals because they travel together and care for their young.

They are also of interest to many people who live in Asia and Africa because of their size and how they can contribute to the economy. Elephant Training can be fun for people of any age, however, starting with the basic facts is the best way to begin to explore these huge creatures.


The natural environment of an elephant depends on the type of elephant. African forest elephants normally roam the forests while the African savannah elephants roam the African open plains. Asian elephant also lives in the forest. Elephants need a wide range of land to roam, so that they can find enough food and water to survive.

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