Why is it Dangerous To Look At The Eclipse Directly

Viewing an eclipse, total or partial, without a doubt is an very exciting event. Most children study of eclipses, seeing one definitely help them to understand and appreciate the subject much more. You do not have to book tickets for Libya in enthusiasm, but if the eclipse will be visible from your city, do not make a point to show it to your children. There are some superstitions associated with eclipses in Indian culture.


Many people believe that during the eclipse, the earth is surrounded by darkness, which is a negative force. As a result, a person must pray for the eclipse and take a bath afterwards. Offerings to the deity have been made, and donations are made to the poor and needy people.

Another way to view the eclipse is by attaching filters to the telescope. It is not safe to view the eclipse through sunglasses, binoculars, a telescope without a filter, or even a camera. People often think that it’s safe to view the eclipse reflected in the water.

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