Ebola outbreak in West Africa Killed more Than 900 People

Ebola outbreak in West Africa, has killed more than 900 people living in the time span of a few weeks, until now limited to Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

Ebola outbreak

Ebola outbreak

In areas outside of Africa, an infected person had traveled to the United States, and has been treated in isolation, is currently being treated in Atlanta. Yesterday, another woman suffering from Ebola seems to slow down to give her denatured serum, flew from Atlanta to Liberia.

It is understood that the epidemic has sent other countries are very puzzled.

India, which has about 45,000 people in the country affected by the Ebola virus, is preparing for its citizens, to prevent the outbreak worsens returning events. European Union Health Minister, Dr. Vardhan harsh speech in Parliament this effect.

A nurse wearing protective clothing, demonstrates a fully equipped Royal Free Hospital in north London, August 6, 2014, in preparation for the patients tested positive for the Ebola virus.

This information is amazing, in the context of the WHO report says the epidemic in West Africa has been particularly involved 1,603 people get sick, there are 887 deaths observed.

TOI reports that India is considering taking precautionary measures to prevent any disease Indian contract must return.

Have been found in West Africa – infection, experts believe that by the close of wild animals such as gorillas, antelope and fruit bats are triggered. “Ebola virus is highly infectious, with blood, body fluids and organs, including the skin, indirect contact with patients or contaminated with the disease spread through contact with the environment,” CNN said.


The spread of infection can be stopped, it needs to be infected patient has a great lively isolation. According to the Associated Press: “isolate people with symptoms after the test is completed, to take preventive measures, while providing medical services and track any person for them when they get sick they have close contact with those who worked with Ebola virus recommended in patients with direct contact. taking their temperature twice a day for three consecutive weeks, the incubation period for the disease, if they exhibit symptoms, they should then be isolated and tested. ”

Therefore, it became clear that in addition to continuous monitoring, the country’s medical equipment must be strong, and healthy forces adequately trained to deal with this dangerous infection. This may be one of India may be shaken, if it is to deal with the infection.

In Vox.com article pointed out “there are cases of suspected Ebola in Europe, Asia and North America, but has not been confirmed by public health officials are less concerned about the Ebola become a big problem in developed countries, this is because the epidemic adhere to the country poor sanitation and lack of resources to curb them, such as the United States rather than in resource-rich areas. ”

Undeniable fact is that what ails the health of non-mechanical and promote the spread of the disease is not too far in the health infrastructure in India widespread problem deleted.

In fact, in the same article that the epidemic worse, because these countries do not have sufficient resources to properly isolate patients and treat them. It is not difficult to see, and the hospital packed with patients in India, making the outbreak of such a fatal error, the same obstacles these West African countries.

India, however, seems to have swung into action. TOI report noted, “In order to prevent this disease from spreading to India, the government is taking some precautions – such as access to detailed passengers originating from or transit through the affected countries and track their arrival, up to the final destination information. ”

However, some medical institutions in the United Kingdom and the United States have set up a treatment center in the case of a well-equipped, they have to face a patient infected with the Ebola virus. Without such measures, according to reports, in India it.

We hope that these measures have yielded positive results.

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