DGCA Govt Rejects Airlines Proposal to Charge for check-in baggage

In a relief for flyers, Indian civil aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India (DGCA) has rejected the request of some airlines for them to charge for checked baggage saying a fee would apply only in the baggage exceeding the free limit of 15 kgs.

The check baggage (over 15 kilos of free check-in baggage allowance) may be charged separately based opt-in as part of the unbundling of services, said the DGAC on a circular air transport it was released Tuesday.


The DGAC move came days after the government declined to accept a proposed three-budget airline IndiGo, India AirAsia and SpiceJet -to let charge for checked baggage.


These carriers have approached the regulator with the idea of ​​”zero tariff bag”, by which they would be given the passengers without check-in luggage of a discount on the ticket.

Indian Airline

In April this year, DGCA had allowed domestic companies to unbundle their services and charge separately for facilities such as preferred seating, meals on board and classroom use.

Minister of State for Civil Aviation late last month said it had asked the FAA to veto the proposals of these airlines as such a move would put additional burden on passengers, in addition to dampen the growth in air traffic.

“Air travel in India is likely to see growth as more middle-class Indians are expected to bring air travel. And if they have to pay even for a kg of checked baggage, it will discourage them” Sharma said.

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