Crocodile Facts

“Crocodile”, after hearing this word the expression of our face changes automatically. They frighten us with their fierce appearance and the activity of killing. Crocodiles belong to the class Reptilia of the Chordata types. The order to which they belong to the family extinct crocodylidae and belong to the crocodilia.

They are large aquatic reptiles found in the tropics of Asia, Africa, America and Australia. They thrive in rivers, lakes, wetlands and sometimes in salt water. They are carnivores which feed on vertebrates, including fish, birds and mammals. It is believed that crocodile have evolved 200 million years ago.


Crocodile word has its origin from the Greek word crocodilos which are used for the lizards. Crocodiles are among the most complex reptiles that have full four chambers of the heart, a well-developed cortex, complete diaphragm and muscles adapted for movement.

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