How Breeding Cow Can be a Good Source of Income

Breeding cows can be a good source of income. This can be a tedious process, as in growing other farm animals, but it is one of the venture of profit. There are three types of cows. One type is being grown for the production of dairy products such as milk, butter and cheese, and the other is raised for beef.

The third type is used as a draft. Knowing how to care for the cows is very important so that you can get quality products from your cows. We need to keep them healthy and strong, for what purpose they may serve. Naturally, you have to feed them well and keep them away from disease.


The first tip on how to look after the cows is to ensure that your cows are in a good area of where they get more pasture for grazing. Feeding grass is ideal for cows. Approximately, a cow needs one to two acres of grazing land.

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