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Caterpillar Wallpapers

The largest in the world production of machinery and parts for construction, mining, marine and industrial equipment is Caterpillar Inc. Today Cat Company has acquired mergers that continues its dominance in the world as a leader in innovative technology and machine production.

The first moving machines that could be considered Tractors were steam powered machines, developed in 1870. It was one of those steam-powered machines that agricultural tractors of today developed.


Two men who independently worked on steam powered machines were Benjamin Hold and Daniel Best around 1890 years. Both were successful. In 1904, Daniel Holt was successful in his first steam powered track-type tractor, which was developed in gas propelled track-type tractor in 1906 Daniel Best and Benjamin Holt combined talents and Caterpillar Tractor Co. launched in 1925. This merger is successful and Caterpillar Tractor Co. was supplying diesel tractors in 1931, on the assembly line in Illinois, USA.

Today, Caterpillar or Cat as it is known the world’s largest supplier of construction, mining equipment, diesel engines, gas engines and gas turbines. Both Caterpillar and Cat are registered trademarks of the said company.

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