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Canoe is a small boat paddle with a single blade. Canoe is often confused with the kayaking, which uses a double-sided blade. Canoeists usually use one oar paddling action on the one side or the other.

Canoe are made of different materials in many shapes and sizes. Sport canoe are on the other end of the extreme, it is designed for speed in a straight line, they are streamlined long and fast, and it is very difficult to turn.


Canoes paddle made of different materials, larger canoe often consist of conventional materials such as wood and aluminum, small paddle usually made of plastic in the technique known as rotational moulding and a polyurethane plastic pellets injected into a heated mould and spinning aluminum mould. The mould is finally cooled and allowed to set plastic to create a complete shuttle glass paddle performed similarly, using a mould is usually made of wood fiber and resin layers built and specified by the manufacturer.

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