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Candy, also known as lolly is a confection sugar which have as a main ingredient. Sugar confectionery includes any sweet like sugar candy, chocolate and chewing gum. Fruit or nuts which are coated with sugar, usually said to candied.

Sugar candies include hard candies, caramel and candy, which is the main ingredient of sugar. Chocolates are classified based on the amount of sugar it contains. Kompeito is a traditional Japanese candy, which is almost contain 100% sugar. Fruit like sugar candy in the form of a hard caramel containing sugar, aroma and color. In Germany Haribogummy bears are jelly beans, they are soft to chew. Jelly beans is a soft candy with a high water content.


Sugar candy made by dissolving in water or milk, to prepare a syrup. The syrup is boiled for a long time in order to initiate curing and was then poured into molds. Candy comes in different textures like soft, hard and gel type. Structure of candy depends primarily on the ingredients and temperatures, where it is processed. Most of the sweets are prepared on a commercial basis. It is very difficult to replicate the taste and texture of the candies exactly. Even small differences in the machinery, temperature and time can lead to large differences in the final product.

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