Can BJP Answer my three Questions, asks AAP’s Ashutosh

Three main issues of Bharatiya JANTA Party (BJP) in connection with their attempt to form a government in Delhi, as well as the status of members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) said AAM Aadmi Party (AAP)’s Ashutosh.

AAP Ashutosh

AAP – Ashutosh

Ashutosh said Ani, BJP to answer my questions first. February 12, 2013 (Minister of Health) Harsh Vardhan said that they did not have the numbers, because they have 32 MLA, while 36 required to form a government, based on morals and values, he will sit on the opposition.


“Today they have 29 MLA’s: So, today abandoned their morals behind it is that they are trying their government. The second question is, where do they get the MLA.

The third question, AAP officials have threatened and bribed: The BJP has miserably in doing so. Did BJP, and Congress are now trying to break down, or try to sell them in Mla places, “he added.

The Assembly has been in suspended animation since the party staked claim to form a government.

BJP won 31 seats in Delhi Assembly elections on December last year, but the figure dropped to 28 – 70 in the House as a member of its three MLAs – Harsh Vardhan, Ramesh Bidhuri and Pervesh Verma – was elected to the Lok Sabha in the last general elections.

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