Best Unknown Camel Facts |

Best Unknown Camel Facts

Camels have played an important role in the lives of various people for 4000 years, and this is mainly because that the camel’s capability to live in places where other large animals never survive. Camel’s body seems odd to us with a skinny legs, huge feet, small ears long nose, long curved neck which puts the “snobbish” expression on its face, and, of course, the bulge on its back.

However, the strange looking body of camel is ideal to survive in hot and sandy desert. Almost every part of the body helped him to survive in places where other animals cannot live. Nature has endowed the camel with the tactics to survive in hard and tuff conditions of the desert.


The desert wind often blows sand into the air. In order to protect their eyes, they have long eyelashes which capture most of the sand. If some sand gets in their eyes, the camel has a special eyelid to get it out. As the wiper of the car, this extra eyelid moves from side to side and move the sand away.

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