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The book can be broadly defined as a written document, at least 50 pages of text that communicate thoughts, ideas or information. For many centuries, the book has changed dramatically, suggesting that a number of different forms. To a large extent, the evolution of the book is accompanied by the expansion of communication forms and techniques and the growing demand for information.

Modern production of the book was created as a result of the invention of printing press. Although printing invention likely occurred earlier in China and the introduction of the movable type print attribute in Europe credited to Johann Gutenberg of Germany.


Books are made from a variety of coated and uncounted paper stocks that differ in size and weight. Furthermore, they may use different color inks. While the front and back covers, are usually made of thick cardboard, they will differ by weight.

Since the nineteenth century, the production of books led to the use of sophisticated machinery, including typesetting machines, the web or sheet-fed printing and binding machines.

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