BJP Files Rs.1Crore Defamation Lawsuit against Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: Delhi BJP legislators on Thursday asked Arvind Kejriwal the leader of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) compensation paid Rs.1 Crore to bargain through the opposition as “baseless” allegations tarnished the party’s image.

Arvind Kejriwal tension

Arvind Kejriwal

In a legal notice, Arvind Kejriwal the former Chief Minister of Delhi, RP Singh said if the BJP was on the basis of false accusations of defamation, then it will also be his slander.


“I have no other choice but to send Kejriwal Legal Notices libel because he had razed to indulge in bargain, formed a government in Delhi is no basis for allegations of BJP,” Singh told reporters here.

Singh requires Rs.1 crore from Kejriwal to make “mental anguish, harassment and defamation.”

He also asked the empty public apology within seven day’s Aam Aadmi party secretary bidding for his false and defamatory allegations.

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