Beauty Tips from Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts will remain forever in Hollywood as the “Pretty Woman” not only because of her role in the movie, but for the broadcast and charming smile. See beautiful tips from Julia Roberts.

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Skin Care Tips by Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts takes daily care for your skin, so 46 years ago it did not visible. Its main rule is to always begin and end the day by cleaning and washing the face. Another rule that the actress observes, is to not go without is put cream with SPF. Put cream and eye contour the evening ends with regenerating cream.

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What Makeup Julia Roberts prefers?

Julia Roberts Smile


Julia Roberts is a supporter of natural radiation, so everyday you will rarely see a much makeup. Moreover, the actress claims that as a mother of three children, she has no time to makeup, so wear sunglasses to hide the bags under the eyes.


Home Cosmetics

Julia Roberts is a fan of home cosmetics and natural remedies for beauty. Like any woman, it also has its secrets. The main ingredient in cosmetics home of Julia Roberts is olive oil. Moreover Apply olive oil as body oil to nourish and moisturise the skin. At least once a month and makes her mask to strengthen nails and nourish cuticles.


Julia Roberts is Against with Plastic Surgery

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Julia Roberts is against Botox and plastic surgery with rejuvenating effect. According to the actress, one can look good if it is achieved inner peace and smiles every day. Julia says that her appearance at this age is due to the love and embrace of her husband.

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