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The beach is in a dynamic environment, where land, sea and air meet. It can be defined as an area of ​​loose sediments deposited by water, wind or glaciers along the coast between low tideline and next major changes in the topography of the land or of the composition. This change may be a natural function as dunes or cliff, or a manmade structure such as a seawall.

Despite the fact that most of the beaches are composed of silica sand, the fragments may be as large as boulders or of any other material such as a carbonate or skeletal parts.

Bank consists of two main parts: the foreshore and backshore. Foreshore is also called the face of a tidal seaward portion. Backshore is above the high tideline and is covered with water only during storms or unusually high spring tides. Shore slope is steep, while backshore is almost flat.

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