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The bathroom has a long way in the last one hundred years. Once just a basic tub set in front of the fire and filled with buckets of water, the bathing experience is now a luxury in almost every western home. Then, “bathroom” was something only the rich and privileged could afford to have in their home.

The Traditional bathroom can mean either traditional in terms of Edwardian or Victorian style, or in terms of a standard white bathroom with basic sanitary ware and bath.


The country style bathroom is perhaps the easiest type of construction to create and traditional bathroom only really works well in the right house. The appearance of a classic country is best associated with floral wallpaper, high beams, swimming pools and a basin frills, luxury fountain and bath canopy.

Modern bathrooms are all about what you do with the space you have. Many bathrooms have a small room to work, so that the maximum use of space is important.

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