Bangladesh Bank $1 Billion Hacking: Typo Helped Stop a Billion Dollar Bank Heist

A typo in the instructions for the transfer wire line helped prevent nearly US $1 billion a robbery last month with the involving the Bangladesh Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said the bank’s officials.

Bangladesh Bank Logo

Unidentified hackers still managed to walk away with about $80 million, one of the largest known in the history of bank robberies.

Hackers have broken the system of Bangladesh Bank last month and stole its credentials for payment transfers, said two senior officials of Bangladesh Bank.


Then they bombarded the Federal Reserve Bank of New York with nearly three dozen requests to transfer money from the account of the Bank of Bangladesh there are entities in the Philippines and Sri Lanka, officials said.

Four requests for the transfer of a total of about $81 million in the Philippines have passed, but the fifth to $20 million to Sri Lanka for a non-profit organization, got held up because the hackers misspelled the name of the NGO.

Full name of the profit can not be learned. But one of the officials said that hackers typo of “foundation” in the name of NGOs as a misspelled “fandation”, prompting the bank’s routing, Deutsche Bank, to obtain clarification from the Central Bank of Bangladesh, which stopped the deal.

Deutsche Bank declined to comment.

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