Kuch Bhi! Arshi Khan Says She is Pregnant with Shahid Afridi’s Baby

Actress cum model Arshi Khan made a great revelation about her relationship with Shahid Afridi. She tweeted that she had s*x with Shahid.

Arshi Khan

Now, another revelation was made by her, which will just shake you. She revealed the secret of her attention to social media. Then, a lot of discussion about Afridi and Arshi are happening.


She shared the video on Twitter and her Facebook profile, in which she says: “I am Arshi Khan and presently I am in Kolkata.”

Arshi further stated that she was three months pregnant and her mother with Shahid’s baby as well as Shahid both are happy. She added that the baby will be delivered in Bhopal.

Recently, a local news channel reported that the Fatwa was issued against Arshi Khan to convey these comments to Shahid Afridi.

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