Anjali Ramkissoon – Miami Uber Driver Attack Wiki, Biography

The video, released Tuesday night by YouTube user JuanCinco, Where Anjali Ramkissoon shows trying to get a vehicle from Uber driver violently. This is the first and only JuanCinco YouTube video. The video was uploaded on January 19, become become popular until Thursday. In the video description, JuanCinco gives a detailed description of what happened:

Anjali Ramkissoon


We are on the phone with the driver while Uber came to our location. Out of nowhere, the girl in the video is placed in the back seat of the car and not come out. We told the driver was okay to cancel our trip, but he would not take her anywhere. He asked the woman out of the car. Finally, the driver gets out and says he is going to call the police to get her out of the car. After a few minutes, the driver pretending to talk to the police, the girl decides to sit in Uber driver car in the front seat, she grabbed his keys and stuffs out of the window.

She is Studying Neurology. Ramkissoon is in the second year of her residency at the University of Miami. A search of her name is the hospital with an article citing its excellent levels of care for patients with epilepsy, but now she has been suspended from its post.


Anjali Ramkissoon Biography

  • Name : Anjali Ramkissoon
  • From: Miami
  • Height : 5 feet 7 inch Approx
  • DOB: Unknown
  • Nationality : American


Watch the below full video:

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