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Animation is defined as the change in the visual scene with respect to time. The visual change of scene is not only due to the change in the position of the object, but also with its shape, color, transparency, structure and texture. An important aspect of animation is that it is usually done manually or artificially composed of a sequence of images that contrast films where where actors’ performances with real scenes.

Animation is becoming a very popular career choice for those who are interested in combining their love of art with their love of the computing. With films like Frozen, The Lion King, Zootopia holds the attention of children and adults, so it is not surprising that animation technology is increasingly in demand.

The computer animation field is a subset of both computer graphics and animation technology. Computer animation is usually achieved through a series of transformations of geometric scaling, moving, rotating, or mathematical method, to produce a series of scenes.

In these days of computer animation is widely used in the entertainment industry for the production of movies, cartoons and video games. In addition, it is used in the field of education, training, industrial applications, virtual reality systems, advertising, scientific visualization, and many engineering applications.

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