With Amazon Home Services you Can Hire Professional Contractors

Amazon has become the place to buy everything, but a new service that the site is launching in the US, called Amazon Home Services, can help it become the place where people hired to complete all your chores well.

The way it works is quite simple – just go to the site, add the service you want and set a time for the work to be done. After the work is completed, it is marked as done and complete the payment through Amazon. As an introductory offer, you will get a gift card for $20 for the purchase of any service.

Amazon Logo

There are plenty of things you can do with Amazon Home Services. Electrical and wiring, plumbing, wall mount TV, virus and spyware removal were just some of the facilities available at our friend’s address. There are other services as well, which were greyed out – these will come soon to the area. Some of the services listed as coming soon included housecleaning, music lessons, etc.


There are some ways that this new business is connected very carefully to Amazon primary business of selling things. After all, the only thing that could be stopping you from taking the plunge and buy a new home theater system is the fact that you are very clumsy and can not possibly install it yourself. Or maybe you’ve been looking at a couple of beach chairs, but your lawn is a mess so do not even know how to begin to tame. It may not be long before Amazon offers an inclusive agreement where you can buy a home theater and get a discount on installation.

According to a report, the use of Amazon Home Services lies in finding people you can trust. Amazon says it accepts an average of three out of 100 service professionals in each metropolitan area. It ensures that every business is licensed, insured, and passes a background check of five points, with a six-point background check for each technician.

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