Why Aman Verma Said Baghban Was The Biggest Mistake Of His Career

There’s absolutely no doubt about the fact that Aman Verma is a versatile actor who has the potential to play a role in perfection, whether it be artistic heroes, romantic hero, reality shows and even hosting them. People simply love what they do, and all the credit for the same for his dedication and hard work, which is much evident in his work.

Aman Verma

In addition to the television industry, Aman has also played memorable roles in some of Bollywood movies like Baghban and Sangharsh. However, the actor believes that he should not act in Baghban and that is his the biggest mistake of his career.


Aman Verma told TOI:

“Baghban I feel was the biggest mistake I’ve made in my career. Initially the role to play with someone else, and then I come into the picture. It was the role of a man who grew up the daughter. Baghban happened in 2003, and this time I was 31. I was playing the role of a dad to Rimi Sen. I can not refuse it, because I was very close to Ravi Chopra. I have done many projects with him. Once part of Baghban, people actually thought I was a mature man and I started to get a role of only dads post that.”

Aman Verma will soon be seen in “Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma” on Zee TV.

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