Akshay Kumar Telling his All Time Experience in Bollywood


In the “Khiladi” tag he earned pushed the hand of justice at all times. However, over the past six years, his attitude to work has seen drastic changes. Not with only the highest paid actor in Bollywood, courtesy of three or four films he makes, on average, the actor has decided to cover the land, as well as in countless roles.

Akshay Kumar


A quick glance at his filmography and you’ll see that he was transferred from the action, romance, comedy, social films as smooth as a gladiator. he said, “This move was not planned.” Actor transforms one image changer with a variety of movies that he does. He explains that an insatiable appetite for acting led to films like “OMG: Oh My God”, “Special 26”, “Holiday”, “Baby”, “Gabbar Returns” “Airlift” and “Rustom”. “While I like it hard-core commercial films and have a great attitude to the slapstick comedies like” Housefull “franchise, I would argue that for an actor, to increase the shelf life, it must constantly splash in the genre.”

“Airlift become a hit movie. However, before the film is released, I do not think many of us were not even aware that 1,70,000 Indians were evacuated from Kuwait and we had a Guinness world record for largest human evacuation. This is not the case with the “Spotlight”. People are aware of the subject of the way before the movie was released and won the Oscar is the ultimate honor for this film.

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