How Akshay Kumar comfort Krushna in ‘Entertainment’ Set

Stand-up comedian Krushna Abhishek to share screen space with actor Akshay Kumar film Fun: While there are a few funny lines exchanged between Akshay and Krushna Entertainment, he was very excited to work with Khiladi of Bollywood.

Akshay and Krushna Entertainment

Akshay and Krushna Entertainment

Krushna revealed that he was very excited as the first day of shooting and forced the young comedian, actor Akshay comfortable sets. “I am extremely excited and thought it could not do so, they took me in his van and when I went inside, I was looking down and could not speak, but to my surprise, Akshay took me away from the garden, and then set to my hand the whole time, as you do with your best friend and me at ease: The chemistry was important to develop, and I immediately felt better, “said Krushna.

Akshay Kumar - Tamanna Bhatia Entertainment

Akshay Kumar – Tamanna Bhatia Entertainment

Fun film starring Akshay Kumar and Tamannah Bhatia heads released on August 8.

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