Adah Sharma Playing a Muslim Girl Role in ‘Garam’

Actress Adah Sharma, who is currently busy promoting her new film “Garam” she plays a girl named Sameera a Muslim girl in the film and will be seen wearing a burqa throughout the film.

Adah Sharma in Garam Movie

In an interview with “Heart Attack,” she shared her excitement for her role in “Garam”, which is set to release in theatres on February 12, “I’m a Muslim girl Sameera in this film. For most of the film (with the exception of the song) to wear the veil, only my eyes betray my emotions.


When a job interview with the actor Aadi, Adah Sharma all praise for him and described him as a very sincere and hard-working actor. “I thought I was crazy for practising dance and scene 100 times, but after watching Aadi he changed my mind. He practices 200 times,” she says.

Adah Sharma 2016

“Garam” originally produced by Rajkumar, who withdrew from the project after financial problems. Aadi’s parents actor Saikumar and Sureka making their debut as a producer with this film produced under the banner of RK Studios. Couple pinned many hopes on their maiden production.

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